Sedation Dentistry in Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch Sedation Dentist
Cinco Ranch Sedation Dentist
At Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we know how scared kids can get when they go to the dentist. That’s why our Cinco Ranch sedation dentist provides options for children who are too fearful to sit in the dentist’s chair for extended periods of time. Sedation dentistry is a safe and easy procedure that allows kids with high anxieties to have their dental procedures done. Some dental procedures can be simple and quick, but others can take more time, such as root canals, and children may not be able to sit long through them.

Sedation dentistry is a gentle and easy way for those who suffer from dental anxiety to relax. Sedation dentistry allows us to put the patient in a relaxed state so that they are at ease during short or long procedures. It is done by our Cinco Ranch sedation dentist or by a licensed anesthesiologist, depending on the procedure needed. Some patients may have a phobia of the dentist or may be special needs children/adults who have trouble staying calm. Sedation dentistry is also ideal for those who are allergic to local anesthesia. We provide a safe and warm environment for our patients to relax in and our methods can be done either by light sedative or total anesthesia.

Those who have had bad dental experiences may benefit from help by our Cinco Ranch sedation dentist. We offer conscious sedation, a procedure in which we administer sedatives orally, or by inhalation method. All types of sedation are performed in a safe and controlled manner. We have been performing sedation dentistry for many years and with much success. For more information on how sedation dentistry can help your child today, call our offices. If you or your child has a fear of the dentist, we can help. It’s important to get good dental care and to have procedures done when needed.

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