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Every parent wants their child to have a beautiful smile; it helps with self confidence, and many times acceptance by their peers. Our doctor, specializes in brightening children’s smiles and repairing any defects that can impact your children’s teeth.

To reduce the impact that fillings can have on appearance, parents have the choice of Tooth-Colored Fillings for filling cavities or for repairing stained, chipped or irregular teeth. Because they match the color of your natural teeth, Tooth-Colored Fillings are inconspicuous, and thus many parents choose this type of filling to keep their kid smiles beautiful. Tooth-Colored Fillings have been around since 1960 and with advances in technology it has greatly enhanced the overall durability and the color blending they have. Although they were produced initially for cosmetic purposes, and used most commonly in the front teeth, they are used increasingly in the back molars that require more strength. Nowadays the Tooth-Colored Fillings used on front teeth are more polished, while the fillings used on back teeth are made with a stronger material.

Tooth Colored Fillings, unlike silver fillings, are bonded onto your teeth. Tooth Colored Fillings are best for small cavity restorations and perfect for stained or irregular front teeth. Properly cared-for Tooth-Colored Fillings on front teeth can last a lifetime, but on back teeth they normally last between 7 and 10 years.

Many parents with children that have silver fillings but want their children to have a more natural look can have them replaced with Tooth Colored Fillings. Tooth Colored Fillings, have an added benefit over silver fillings, they allow your children to return to eating as soon as the local anesthesia wears off.