Pediatric sedation dentistry in Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch pediatric sedation dentist
Cinco Ranch pediatric sedation dentist

One of the highest priorities we have here at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry is to ensure that we build a strong and positive relationship with you and your child. His or her experiences here should promote being comfortable and free of anxiety. That is why we are dedicated to gentle care and being patient with children as they become familiar with the equipment and instruments used, as well as the various applicable treatments. However, for several possible reasons, she or he might feel nervous, or be fidgety, or the length of time needed to complete a particular procedure could simply be so long that it’s not reasonable to expect anyone, let alone a child, to stay still for that long. For all of the above situations, we are pleased to offer pediatric sedation options.

Our Cinco Ranch pediatric sedation dentist will recommend the simplest method that will provide the needed results for your child. We use conscious sedation, so that he or she will feel perfectly at ease and relaxed and yet not have to be put under. She or he remains alert and will still be able to understand and respond to our Cinco Ranch pediatric sedation dentist, our assistants, and you. Any sleepiness will be based on the individual child. Dozing off does occur once in a while, and that’s perfectly natural. For some children, sedation is a bridge that will eventually lead to not needing it at all. For others, it might need to be a more long term solution. Either way is fine, because oral conscious sedation is not just effective. It’s also safe.

If you would like more information, call us. Better still, schedule a time to come in with our child to see our Cinco Ranch pediatric sedation dentist. You can use our appointment button at the top of our website, or you can call our office instead.

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