The causes of dental decay and cavities for children are not much different than they are in adults, but the importance of prevention may be even greater for a child. This is because of the transition from primary (baby) teeth to that of permanent (adult) teeth. It is vital that the primary teeth fall out on the proper schedule, the way that they are intended to. And tooth decay can lead to extracting one or more teeth ahead of that schedule, thereby causing problems with alignment and possibly not allowing the needed space for the permanent teeth to erupt. Our 77479 pediatric dentist will work with you to keep dental decay under control for your child.

Plaque, and its hardened form, tartar, are the major culprits in childhood dental decay and the formation of cavities. Plaque feeds on sugar, and that’s why it’s vital that you limit your child’s consumption of sugar. Brushing after meals is also essential, as is flossing daily. In addition, a visit every six months to our 77479 pediatric dentist for a full examination and a teeth cleaning will prevent the worst results that can come from plaque. It is a cleaning that eradicates all of the plaque and tartar that remain in your child’s mouth, giving her or him a fresh start on optimal dental hygiene.

Our 77479 pediatric dentist understands that children can be fearful of visiting a dental office, but we have put a great deal of effort into making our office environment pleasant, friendly, and nonthreatening, so that your child will feel right at home here. Besides, a teeth cleaning doesn’t hurt. Filing a cavity, however, might, and that’s another good reason to make sure that you schedule a twice-yearly checkup and cleaning at our office.

Another excellent tool in the prevention of cavities is fluoride, found commonly in many toothpastes and dental rinses. It can be used on a proactive basis to shield your child’s teeth from dental decay. Fluoride treatments done by our 77479 pediatric dentist are an extra level of protection that can make all the difference in keeping his or her teeth strong and healthy.

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